Getting Media Right: Marketing in Motion

Learn to manage and influence the motions in marketing.
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Marketing in Motion examines the opportunities, challenges, and trends facing the industry and provides practical implications for getting media right.

How can brands improve media effectiveness by putting their marketing in motion?

As the definition of media continues to broaden, marketers are challenged with mastering the flow of insights and information throughout all aspects of the business.

Like the cycle of water in our environment, when everything “works,” there is a steady stream of water that moves through our world, sustaining its health. And there are natural and man-made disruptions that can interrupt the flow and create challenges in that system, just as there are in the marketing world that can impact the creation and implementation of efficient advertising programs. 

Join us as we explore this year's report, a culmination of the perspectives of leaders from advertisers, media and creative agencies and media companies. What challenges and opportunities do marketers face? Where do they lack confidence in their efforts of find gaps in data and research? What are the implications of evolving perspectives and trends?

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