Consumer financial anxieties and priorities today

Our infographic reveals how consumers feel about the rising cost of living and their financial priorities today
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Consumer financial priorities
Financial priorities 2022
James Powell

Senior Marketing Manager, Media Division, UK & Ireland

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With the cost of living rising rapidly, war in the Ukraine creating further economic uncertainty and the legacy of financial disruption caused by the pandemic still evolving, it is hard to think of a time in living memory when consumer financial worries, priorities and plans have been in a greater state of flux.

It is thus more important than ever for marketers in the finance sector and beyond to understand how British consumers feel about saving, spending and paying for life’s essentials and to engage them in a way that appeals most positively to their most pressing financial requirements. Latest data from our GB TGI consumer survey reveals detailed insights into how consumers are feeling today about their financial predicament and their plans for managing their money for the future – all analysable against the vast breadth of consumer data available on TGI.

Download our infographic to discover a range of key insights, including:

  • Three quarters of adults are worried about the repercussions the war in Ukraine is going to have on our economy.
  • 41% of adults feel their energy bills have become too expensive for them to afford, with younger adults particularly impacted.
  • …yet 7 million adults plan to be more self indulgent over the coming year rather than save money.
  • 6% of adults claim to have saved £10,000 or more in the past year and they are particularly likely to be engaged by gaming news than the average adult.
  • The top incentives for convincing consumers to switch financial provider are all directly financial, with better interest rates top of the list.

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