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Exploring how Britain's consumers feel today about environmental causes and what this means for brands
18 October 2023
Environmental engagement
James Powell

Senior Marketing Manager, Media Division, UK & Ireland

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Summer 2023 made headlines – as it did last year – for news of unprecedented temperatures, both in Europe and further afield. It once again brought the issue of tackling climate change – never far from the news bulletins – to the fore.

But how are Britain’s consumers today engaging with climate change and wider environmental concerns and what does this mean for marketers engaging consumers with corporate green credentials? Is the near-constant featuring of environment-related stories in the news helping to keep consumers engaged, or is confusion and weariness setting in as to what could and should be done?

Data from our GB TGI October 2023 survey reveals positive overall consumer engagement with environmental issues, but also considerable confusion.

When it comes to climate change and damage to the environment, 65% of consumers believe we can still make a difference. Whilst only 7% of consumers feel that nothing needs to change, 15% of consumers claim they are tired of hearing about climate change and damage to the environment.

Environmental engagement

However, there are many terms relating to environmental actions discussed in media and advertising today which many consumers find confusing, whether they are engaged with environmental issues or not. This shows the importance for marketers of keeping their messaging clear and straightforward when engaging consumers with environmental-related communications.

Indeed, latest GB TGI data shows that when it comes to renewable energy and green energy, most adults of adults admit to being confused about the difference between these two terms, whilst a further 14% say they have no idea what these terms mean. 

When it comes to consumers understanding the difference between carbon offsetting and greenwashing, the figures are similar.

Environmental engagement

Similarly, when it comes to energy efficiency, in a further sign that significant numbers of consumers find navigating being environmentally friendly easier said than done, new TGI data reveals that 35% of adults (18.4 million people) say they would like to save energy but they don’t how. 

Nevertheless, the will to save energy is very much present for the vast majority of consumers.

Environmental engagement

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