TGI Audience profiling for eBay’s brand strategy and new customer acquisition

eBday case study TGI
We brought eBay’s target audience to life, with thousands of data points around shopping habits, lifestyle statements and detailed media behaviours.
Jenny Lovell, Head of Insight at eBay“Kantar's work has filled in the gaps in our understanding of our consumers. Our segmentation is now much more actionable. Kantar provided objective insights that built seamlessly on existing knowledge. This will help us to select the most relevant marketing strategy for different audiences as well as the most efficient media channels when planning our communications.”


As a global and leading e-retailer and online auction house, eBay has a wide and diverse customer base across many markets and several continents. eBay’s major challenge in the UK was to augment understanding of their users and the changes in their customer base after the pandemic.

eBay’s objective was not only to retain their existing users but to identify growth opportunities within that customer base.


eBay identified their broad audience and partnered with Kantar to profile them via our syndicated consumer insights survey, TGI – the global, leading currency for media planning.

TGI’s holistic consumer insights brought to life eBay’s targets with thousands of data points around shopping habits, lifestyle statements and detailed media behaviours, as well as all the key changes after the pandemic.


TGI profiling unveiled some crucial insights to help shape eBay’s strategy.

These included understanding how important GenZ is, as they are the fastest growing segment since the pandemic and a growth opportunity for eBay. Based on further analysis we were able to deep dive into these younger audiences to understand more about them.


eBay increased their understanding of the overall eBay user and their 16-34s users, which helped their Brand team have a better view of how to uniquely position eBay to that group.

eBay identified potential growth areas for these new customer acquisition. They were able to tailor their messaging and media campaigns to target and engage with that group.

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