Implementation of CX Technology Platforms

Monitor the moments that matter to your customers and respond quickly to opportunities and risks.

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We put customers at the heart of your organisation, with leading CX technology platforms. We set up and help you manage programmes to meet your specific needs. With results in a user-friendly dashboard, monitor relevant KPIs with real-time analysis and take action quickly around opportunities and risks.

Key features

Validated KPIs

We draw on our proven approaches to understanding customer experience and experts worldwide to enhance learnings.

Powerful technology

We partner with the world’s leading platform providers and have our own solutions to deliver best-in-class programmes.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Our user-friendly platforms provide personalised insights to all levels and functions in your organisation, real-time.

More information

Organisational transformation requires an effective CX programme to monitor customer experiences across all relevant interactions.

Implementing a CX platform is just the first step, so we don’t stop there. With decades of experience in programme management, we provide professional end-to-end programme management from the set-up phase to day-to-day running. We work with you to identify your specific requirements and understand your software needs. We help you with ongoing programme management, address handling, quality control, customer hotline services, change request management and communication and more.

We put the voice of your customers at the heart of your organisation with real-time customer feedback to help you drive ROI through improved customer retention and acquisition.

We partner with the leading platform providers, Qualtrics and Medallia, to get the right solution for your organisation. And our world-class CemTric platform is ideal for large complex organisations like the automotive sector.

“We have long believed that experiences are a vital element and a main distinction of every successful business. We are proud to partner with Kantar to offer full-service customer experience solutions combining our unique, advanced platform and Kantar’s world-class consulting, implementation and managed services.”

John Torrey, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Qualtrics

“For businesses, every customer and employee interaction is a learning opportunity – and putting insights and actions into the hands of employees across an organisation ensures they all benefit from those opportunities as much as possible. Our partnership with Kantar allows us to jointly deliver solutions to organisations that combine years of research in best practices around customer, brand, and employee experience with our platform that enables organisations to operationalise those best practices.”

Josh Lamour, Global Lead Alliances, Medallia

“We work closely with our automotive clients to innovate and collect solicited and unsolicited CX feedback across every touchpoint – in a constant quest for customer experience excellence. This provides a holistic view across the customer life cycle and all different customer journeys.

We work for leading and complex organisations, like OEMs, that often need to intelligently disseminate the VoC to over 40,000 users, in as many as 60 markets. CemTric provides configurable close the loop processes, action planning schemes, C-Suite Executive reports, and more, in a single integrated platform, seamlessly connected to CRMs to activate customer first behaviour.”

Guillaume Saint, Auto & Mobility Global Lead, Kantar

Find out more: watch the CemTric video here.

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