Qualitative Shopper Research

Uncover how shoppers really make decisions – their true motivations and influences – to drive sales, in store and online.

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Wonder why your new launch isn’t selling? Or how shoppers react to a promotion? Over 30 years of qualitative shopper understanding means we ‘get’ how shoppers’ minds work and why they behave as they do. We get you close to people’s needs on the path to purchase, so you know when and how to satisfy them – online and offline.

Key features

Innovative solutions

Uncover motivations in key moments with cognitive interviews, retail immersion, autoethnography and latest digital technology.

Holistic approach

We combine qualitative and quantitative approaches with other data sources to help you drive brand and category growth.

Cross-cultural insight

With cross-cultural insight from a deep human understanding of 80+ markets, we help you influence shopper decisions.

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The intimate, precise, and all-seeing power of technology allows us access to new places, and spaces, and new forms of data. This tells us so much more than we ever knew about consumer behaviour and the human condition – in store and online.

We combine best practice qualitative approaches with powerful technologies, such as chatbots, AI and sophisticated data analysis to make sense of unstructured data- fast. We use new technologies to get a deep understanding of in-store purchase behaviour or ecommerce habits with accompanied ecommerce shopping, online groups, and more.

We use cognitive interviewing, a memory reconstruction technique, to detail shopper journeys and identify moments of opportunity for your brand. We develop a vivid and actionable view of the journey, combining the chronology of events with the cultural forces, motivations and the practical considerations driving it.

Autoethnography is a mobile app-enabled approach that uncovers the critical moments in the path to purchase. We set shoppers shopping tasks (online and offline) and ask them to record, tag and upload pictures of disappointments, oddities and delights during their purchase journey on the app. After the ‘trip’, we explore motivations and behaviours in depth with a cognitive interview.

The global state of online grocery shopping shows huge growth opportunities, but how do you ensure you have the right strategy for growing your market share in ecommerce?

eCommerce Decisions helps you unlock category and brand growth on FMCG retailer websites by identifying ways to influence shopper choice at the digital shelf.

With activation workshops, we develop ideas and bring insights to life for the retail environment. Our creative sessions with proactive consumers or cross-functional client teams use a range of sensorial stimuli to enable ideation on ideal planograms, journey interventions, new packs, and other shopper initiatives.

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