Competitive Advertising Intelligence

Connected data about what brands are saying and spending across media channels, to inform strategy and boost performance.

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Be alerted and understand brands advertising activities across traditional and digital media, globally and locally.

By accessing the most comprehensive competitive intelligence, you get timely insights to deliver best-in-class media strategy and optimise your business opportunities. 

Key features

Optimised advertising budget 

Understand market trends and on how brands are investing (in which channels, and how much) to improve budget allocation.

Benchmarking competitors

Be alerted on brand advertising activities, and identify business opportunities by benchmarking competitors' performance.

Winning creative strategy 

Be among the first to see the messaging and creative from other brands in your industry, to help set your direction.

More information

Media owners can adapt to the changing competitive landscape and improve their business performance.

They understand the full details of brand owner advertising campaigns and identify their share of voice, to better compete and find new business opportunities.

Media agencies use these competitor insights to track what other brands are doing, and benchmark budget spending, messaging and their overall strategy.

They can deliver best in class media strategies, ensure client satisfaction by adding greater value and increase their commercial performance.

Brand owners can track competitor activity to inform decisions on their marketing strategies and campaign development. Our connected insights enable them to allocate budget more effectively and so improve their return on investment.