Showing Vodafone how communications programmes affect business outcomes

Vodafone wanted to enhance its company image, and asked Kantar to help them develop media plans and understand stakeholder groups, and see the impact of comms programmes.
Volker Petendorf, Chief Press Officer, Vodafone Germany“What was needed was a transparent way to assess the impact of our communication and to work out our next steps. Data has value when it tells you how to be better. The reports produced by our PR team and Kantar allowed us to keep track of the media and remain on course throughout 2019.”


In 2019, Vodafone was undertaking a significant acquisition and had a unique opportunity to secure a 5G licence in Germany.

The board looked to the communications team to help build trust with stakeholders and enhance its company image by creating a new narrative to fuel Vodafone’s transformation and deliver against business objectives.


In a joint workshop, we identified four main categories that Vodafone needed to raise awareness around. Media plans and key messages were developed for each category.

We assessed the media to detect areas of high activity relating to the main engagement categories, and analysed target media outlets.

We also identified key stakeholder groups and measured exposure to key messages.


Through monthly and quarterly reports we showed the short- and longer-term impact of the communications programmes.

These also tracked the underlying evolution of Vodafone’s reputation with key stakeholder groups.


Vodafone went on to successfully secure a 5G licence in Germany.

The work won 3 Gold Awards at AMEC 2020:

  • Most effective planning, research & evaluation in business-to-business communications
  • Most effective planning, research & evaluation
  • Most impactful client recommendations arising from a measurement study

We continue to work with Vodafone demonstrating the impact of ongoing campaigns.

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