Inspiring Diageo to shift its thinking about women

The beverage company has transformed its marketing strategy into something more culturally relevant, thanks to insights from Kantar's work.


As a business, Diageo’s portfolio has traditionally been quite male-skewed and this didn’t actually reflect its true market. 


We developed six marketing principles that dramatically changed Diageo’s mindset towards women and provided the organisation with actionable, future-facing and culturally relevant recommendations that continue to have a powerful impact on its marketing strategy.


Working closely with the client team, we proved that they did not have to feminise their brand. We showed them what women really want, and that it wasn’t all pink and sparkly.


Our insight paved the way for a positioning and communications revolution to make Diageo’s portfolio more relevant and inspiring for a female audience. A recent advertisement featuring a father and daughter increased whisky sales 70% year-on-year over the Father’s Day period.

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