Helping Unilever to win with effective promotions

Our recommendations helped Unilever to develop a better promotion strategy for its laundry brands in Vietnam, with a potential revenue uplift of more than £5m.


Unilever had traditionally made a higher investment on promotion compared with other manufacturers, especially on big categories such as fabric solutions. However, the company did not have a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and therefore shape a fully-informed promotion strategy.


Focusing on the two key brands Omo and Surf, Kantar deployed its uniquely detailed expertise in category sales and associated consumer behaviour to unearth insights about each brand and then turn these into tailored action plans. 


Kantar's findings highlighted three key insights: that discounts of 30% or less had a better effect for the Unilever brands; that hypermarkets were the channel where promotions drove more incremental volume; and that promotions focused on large packs were able to drive both uplift as well as incrementality. 


Kantar’s findings were turned into specific recommendations for each of Unilever’s main laundry brands, allowing Unilever to develop a more effective promotion strategy with a potential revenue uplift of more than £5m.

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