A clear brand for SCA Libero's diaper ranges

Kantar developed a global brand purpose and growth strategy for SCA/Libero, accommodating local nuances.


SCA had different diaper brands in 7 countries, each operating completely independently from the others. They were looking to unify the brands with one strong concept. 


We held country immersion sessions to identify potential insights and understand the current reality in each market.

We then conducted Purpose OptimizerTM research to determine the most resonating concept and the most relevant local nuances at the same time.

The winning brand concept was developed based on the findings. A brand purpose framework and detailed migration plans were created.


We produced one brand global purpose and growth strategy with successful local nuances for 7 markets. This built a strong connection and shared growth strategy between the global diapers team and the local marketing leadership.

A brand purpose-based growth strategy was created to drive category expansion, alongside an innovation roadmap.


The framework gave SCA/Libero a clear position to align overall strategy, and countries, behind. The new positioning was also helpful in making the relevant teams work together better in a turbulent time for the business.

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