Giving Visa a deeper understanding of its customer segments

Insights from Kantar's TGI surveys allowed Visa to plan and create more engaging customer communications.


As one of the world’s largest financial services companies, Visa has a wide and diverse customer base across many markets and several continents.

Visa wanted to understand what makes its different groups of customers tick. They wanted to know how close their customers are to Visa’s products, their financial attitudes, and their affinity to different payment methods

Visa needed data and insights to optimise the relevance of the products available across different markets in Western Europe, and improve its communications and go-to-market strategy.


Kantar partnered with Visa to map its customer segments to our syndicated consumer insights survey, TGI: the leading currency for media planning. 

TGI’s holistic consumer insights enriched Visa’s segment profiles with thousands of new data points around their financial mindset, lifestyle and detailed media behaviours.


This connected intelligence approach broadened Visa’s understanding of its audience, with a 360-degree profile of the key segments.

These insights became key drivers in its communications strategy.


The insights gave Visa the ability to plan its campaigns and to develop customised segment-based messaging. The greater level of insight into the Visa customers has increased engagement in communication.

Visa could better inform their communications planning thanks to a granular analysis of the motivations and media habits of each segment and media channel. 

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