Improving Shell's go-to-market strategies across segments

Connected consumer intelligence enhanced Shell’s understanding of its audience, aiding decision-making in communications, shop assortment, and brand partners.


As one of the world’s largest energy companies, Shell has a wide and diverse customer base across many markets and several continents.

Shell’s major challenge was to augment its understanding of its customer segments and identify consumer affinity to Shell’s product categories and brands.

Shell required data and insights to optimise the relevance of the products available in the Shell stores and improve its go-to-market strategy. 


Kantar partnered with Shell to map their customer segments to our syndicated consumer insights survey, TGI, the global leading currency for media planning. 

TGI’s holistic consumer insights enriched Shell’s segment profiles with thousands of new data points around category and brand consumptions, lifestyle statements and detailed media behaviours. 


This connected intelligence approach enhanced Shell’s understanding of its audience, with a 360 profile of the key segments and their consumption habits.

These insights became key drivers in the shop assortment strategy and in the selection of brand partners.


Shell was able to better inform its communications planning thanks to a granular analysis of the motivations and media habits of each segment in each media channel. 

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