Webinar | Sports advertising effectiveness in Europe

Essential learnings for successful creatives around sports events to leverage your brand and campaigns!
29 juni 2022
Webinar - April 5 - Sports ad webinar - Kantar
Inna Ivanova-Genova

Analytics Manager


Are you planning on advertising around the UEFA Women, FIFA World Cup or other major sports events in 2022? Do you know that most often brands fail to achieve actual uplifts of brand metrics with these type of ads? Find out how to leverage your next campaign!

During our webinar on Tuesday April 5th we offered valuable insights and recommendations on how to create impactful ads that drive brand value as well as brand engagement at the same time! All these results come from our unique foundational study done in Kantar's AI-powered creative assessment tool. For this study we tested more than 50 advertisements in 4 European countries, all supporting major sporting events in 2021 and 2022. A big number of these ads are from the Dutch market.

Find outhow our newest AI-powered solution Link AI allowed us to dive into what matters for communicating around sports and sponsorships so that you as an advertiser can create effective creatives around sports event!

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