Event | BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands 2021

Which brands made it into Kantars BrandZ Top 30 Most Valuable Dutch Brands 2021? Watch the recording of our digital event that was broadcasted on Thursday 26 November.
26 november 2020
BrandZ Top 30
Herman Bos_NL

Client Director, Insights Division

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Not only did we present the latest ranking of the BrandZ Top 30 most valuable Dutch brands, we also explained more about the results of the BrandZ study. We highlighted the Dutch brand landscape, the latest trends, developments and shifts in categories, and shared the lessons marketers and brand builders can draw from all this. 

Show me you care

This year’s theme was "Show me you care". Together with some consumers and with Action, ABN AMRO, Change Inc., Heineken and Marktplaats we delved deeper into corporate responsibility, consumer trust and sustainability. Where do brands and organizations stand on these matters and what do consumers expect from brands and companies when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility?

During the event we presented: 

  • The Top 30 most valuable Dutch Brands 
  • The latest trends, development and lessons for brand growth 
  • The BrandZ Special Awards:  Brands, agencies and government perspectives on sustainability – the challenges, the progress, consumer trust and initiatives 

Download our report or fill in the form below and watch the recording of our event for the newest insights on how to sustainably grow your brand. 

About BrandZ

BrandZ is the only ranking that is based on the opinion of the consumer and thus provides brands with tools to adjust their strategy and also increase their brand value in the longer term. The BrandZ database contains the results of some 3.8 million consumer interviews about more than 17,800 brands in 51 markets. Based on that database and additional research, we publish our yearly rankings.


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