Veuve Clicquot continues to be a strong contender in the French champagne market, staying modern and relevant even after 250 years

11 januari 2024
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One of the largest of the Champagne houses in Reims, Veuve Clicquot – ‘Veuve’ translating to ‘Widow’ from French - was founded by Madame Clicquot in 1772. It was purchased by Louis Vuitton in 1986 and focuses on providing high quality champagne, as per its motto ‘Only one quality, the finest.’

In its home market of France consumers are willing to pay a premium for Veuve Clicquot, placing it in the Justified Premium segment. The brand falls in second place for Demand Power in France, earning the Starlabel.

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Source: Kantar BrandZ, France, Champagne, 2019-2023


To celebrate their 250th anniversary, Veuve Clicquot created a campaign focusing on boosting the accessibility of the brand for the average consumer. Showcasing the champagne in informal occasions is an attempt to make the luxury image more attainable. The campaign features the same bright yellow as can be seen on the bottles, no doubt contributing to its distinctive look and feel.

In keeping with its roots, Veuve Clicquot continues to make its support for women in business visible via it’s 2023 Bold initiative. Broadening its horizon outside Champagne production offers the brand more credibility and has no doubt helped its image as a trusted company.

Thanks to its efforts and adapting to the current climate, Veuve Clicquot remains a brand that French consumers are willing to purchase and keep purchasing in the future. Across the rest of the world, the brand has earned a place as a Star in Australia and sits as a strong Mainstream brand in the USA, UK and Japan.

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