Brand Analytics

Explain and quantify the links from brand associations to equity and to sales, to optimise brand and media strategies.
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Optimise what your brand stands for

Assess the most important messages, imagery, and marketing strategies that drive brand equity for different segments.

Quantify the contribution of brand equity to sales

Prove the link from brand equity to business outcomes. Explain how each part of the media mix impacts brand perceptions.

Use AI techniques for rapid brand insights

Analyse social media, online reviews, speech, text, chatbots and more, to see market and category landscapes and trends.

Recent Study - How Can Hardware Stores Sustain Brand Growth After COVID-19?

During COVID-19, many people took on DIY projects in their homes and gardens. This was evident from the sales figures of many large hardware stores. However, after this period, these companies saw a decline in sales. In the video below, Iris Houtepen (Head of Analytics) and Inna Ivanova-Genova (Analytics Business Consultant) discuss Inna's research on how these companies and brands can maintain their brand growth. It turns out that brands that can convince their consumers that they best meet their needs and offer a wide range of products are best positioned for sustained brand growth. In her conversation with Iris, Inna shares more about the key findings of her research and analysis and how she arrived at them. Want to learn more about this study? Watch the video below.

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Inna Ivanova-Genova
Analytics Manager

Contact Inna directly.

Source: Brand Structures Analysis based on KantarÔÇ»BrandZ; DIY companies, excluding online brands; 2019-2022; multi country analysis
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