Driving search and sales with agile campaign evaluation

With ongoing search and social analysis from Kantar, this financial services client saw an increase in searches from advertising of 98% with the same budget.


Our client is in a fiercely competitive category and had suffered declining market share and a corresponding drop-off in revenue due to a fall in search, which was a key source of web traffic and sales. They needed a strong distinctive campaign that would lift the search volumes and halt their declines.


Our guidance system integrated readily available search and social data with responsive survey measures and summarised them in an interactive dashboard so the client could quickly identify opportunities to course correct their marketing investments. We used this to measure the impact and ROI of the advertising budget and track that the campaign was driving increased searches for the brand.


Social and search analysis gave fast, clear feedback on the new campaign and how different variations of the creative increased overall brand searches. This indicated the optimal course of action for the client to take with their creative.


The new creative platform performed significantly better than the norm and previous campaigns for the same brand. This led to an increase in searches from advertising by 98% with the same advertising budget.

The new campaign led to 5% increase in average monthly visitors and to 14% increase in revenues... and ultimately created greater value for the shareholders, with a 55% increase in the share price.


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