Greater in-store impact by understanding smartphone shoppers

A better understanding of shoppers and the purchase decision process led to a revised store layout... and a 15% sales uplift in test stores.


Our client, a smartphone manufacturer, was asked by a consumer electronics retailer to help renovate its smartphone section in order to deliver a better shopper experience and promote sales.


Kantar’s Shopper Decisions approach takes into consideration “Fast vs Slow Thinking” to deliver insights to improve section layout as well as brand conversion.  


We provided a deep understanding of in-store shopper behaviour, focusing on the purchase decision process, context and interactions with brands in store.

We discovered that form factor - external design features including screen size, overall phone size, width, thinness, and colours - is the key driver of shoppers’ engagement with products. Product design was the most important element of purchase decision within the product group chosen based on form factor.


Our client and the retail partner had a clear direction to improve the in-store environment, which included revising store layout and redefining product zones, layout and contents.

By implementing the change, our client and the retailer saw 15% sales uplift in test stores as well as higher ratings on the services and contents provided in store.

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