How to accelerate your e-commerce and Sustainability strategy in the context of Inflation?

This presentation is a tremendous opportunity to deepen your understanding of your markets and adapt your brand and innovation strategies.
31 mai 2022
e-commerce and Sustainability
Adrien Germain Thomas

Head of Commerce/ eCommerce, Kantar Insights

Roman Ptaszynski

Head of Analytics C&SE Region

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For retail brands, this past year was an unsettled one. Businesses moved to consolidate pandemic-era shifts toward e-commerce, but in the same time inflation has spread all over the world

Convenience, safety, reliability, faster speeds and sustainability take their place alongside price as key decision factors in the path to purchase.

Kantar has recently published 2 collective studies in order to help retailers and brands to cope with these tensions :

eCommerce ON covers 15 categories in 19 different countries, offering foundational understanding of eCommerce on the following aspects.

  • who is buying the category online, and how?
  • how people select and buy?
  • understand triggers and barriers?

In de presentation deck, Adrien Germain Thomas, Head of e-commerce and commerce, Kantar Insights, and Andrea Corti, Head of Commerce, Kantar Insights Italy, share some key results of this study.

The Sustainability Trends Retail study has screened consumers’ requests on search engines related to sustainability on the retail sector on a 5-year period and on a global scale (with the exception of China). Global Warming, Overconsumption and Waste, Overpackaging, Overwork and Worker Exploitation, Tax Evasion were amongst the most important issues to be solved by companies operating in this sector

This exclusive study allowed Kantar to identify, for the most important themes:

  • Which of these are growing faster
  • Trends
  • Initiatives etc.

In the presentation deck, Kanella Rizikari, Head of Brand, Media and Creative, Insights Division Greece reveals the key elements of this study

She also interviews Nicole Ioannidi, Director, Corporate Communications & Sustainability, Public Group, on how Public is managing this tension.

Public Group is the largest Greek network of technology and entertainment stores.The company is part of Olympia Group and is one of the most successful e-commerce sites in Greece and Cyprus while it strategically invests to create an ecosystem of innovative scale ups around its flagship Omnichannel Retail business, with the objective to provide exciting customer experiences.

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