Harnessing first party data to power data-driven customer insight

The last five years have seen advertisers attempting to understand their existing and target consumers better. First-party data, such as consumer purchase behaviour, is being applied more within advertising. There is also increased appetite for enriching these records with other user-consented data, providing a more rounded understanding of the consumer beyond one category. We discuss the greater impetus for advertisers to enrich and activate their first-party data.

Featuring: Rachel Macey, Head of TGI Business Development, Kantar; Kapil Sampanthan, TGI Business Development Director, Kantar; Stuart Colman, Vice President of Sales, InfoSum

Think and Do: The future of consumer segmentation brings both mindsets and behaviours together

Everyone wants a consumer centric roadmap for growth. But often these are driven by looking at attitudes and behaviours in isolation. Using one or the other to create a segmentation. But imagine using both together – segmenting consumer groups based on combinations of mindsets AND behaviours? We show you how this is possible and how it delivers a much richer understanding of people to help you choose messages, tone and media, linked to actual behaviour and tailored as never before to help you maximise your ROI.

Featuring: Dan Dexter, Director Business Development, Kantar; Anne Benoist, Head of Brand Insight, Kantar; Paul Corrigan, Client Consultant, Kantar

Data collection: Welcome to an unstructured future

Open-ended survey questions were often avoided in the past, due to the cost and effort in analysing the responses, and the challenges of encouraging respondents to answer them properly. We look at how the evolution of analysing open-ended and unstructured data (with AI/machine learning) is changing how we conduct market research at a global scale. Discover how to deliver new research insights, encourage better open-ended responses, and enrich your other consumer research.

Featuring: Jon Puleston, Vice President Innovation, Kantar; Stephanie Pineda, Global Client Lead, Kantar; David Hughes, Head of Product Analytics, Kantar; Peter Usherwood, Data Science Tech Lead, Kantar

Unlocking richer customer feedback: Empathetic survey design

Explore the value of adopting a more empathetic approach to survey design. Recognise respondents as people with feelings, human motivations and even cognitive biases, to engage and motivate them to be more open and truthful. With case studies, examples and the results of research-on-research experiments, learn how, by changing the language of your survey, thinking more inclusively, and making surveys a bit more fun, you can unlock richer consumer feedback.

Featuring: Caroline Frankum, CEO Profiles Division, Kantar; Anoushka Adams, Research Director, Kantar; Martha Espley, Research Director, Kantar