Brand communications bring your brand to life, and leave memories that can create predisposition for your brand and shape the experience of using it. Does your business value the power of communicating creatively?

Communicating creatively is the number one factor in your control that influences the profitability of your media investment and primes your brand for growth.

Advertising has become an unwelcome disruption for many and is no longer the source of enjoyment and entertainment it used to be in Britain. Is your brand’s advertising guilty of contributing to this malaise?

Do your ways of working mean you actively pursue being creatively brave and distinctive or do they erode the magic from ideas resulting in something dull and unoriginal that conforms to category codes?

To create a meaningful personal connection with someone you first need to understand them. Powerful ideas resonate intuitively with people, are more enduring and more likely to be shared. An understanding of how the human brain works not only ensures that content is emotionally engaging, but that is also effective and works for the brand.

Brands are merely a collection of associations in people’s brains. Committing to an idea across all brand-created encounters reinforces those associations.

The Great British Public have fallen out of love with advertising, and to rebuild British brands we need to reignite that love once more. Get in touch with one of our experts via the form below, to find out how you can communicate more creatively.

In case you missed out on the Great British Brands launch event, visit out Events page or download the launch presentation deck.


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