The implementation of the HFSS (high fat, salt and sugar) legislation targeting obesity kicks off in October. Fifteen percent of all food and drink sales are from HFSS products within the legislation categories – which will impact a hefty £17bn in sales and fundamentally disrupt the market.

It’s no secret that stakes are high, the environment is challenging, and brands need to reassess their tactics to find sustainable growth. However, the changes should be viewed as an opportunity to make businesses healthier.

Our industry has an important part to play in this, translating into the long-term health of the people. At Kantar, we’ve been looking beyond the tactics and conclude that for brands to be successful in this environment, they must make high-level pivots in their thinking and take onus in creating a meaningful impact for a healthier future.

Launching Kantar’s Healthy Futures Forum

We are committed to partnering with the industry to do all we can to help educate stakeholders and provide data-led beacons to navigate the upcoming changes to the HFSS legislation. 

That’s why we have established the Healthy Futures Forum. An industry forum for retailers, manufacturers, advertising agencies, and public health officials to come together for a transparent and ongoing dialogue around the HFSS changes. 

As experts in consumer behaviour with access to the largest and most diverse consumer panel across the UK, we are closest to true consumer behaviour. And as a neutral third party working directly with retailers, manufacturers and the public sector, we are in the right position to lead this forum, to share insights and learning, and to fuel discussion and collaboration.  

Benefits of signing up to the Forum

Clients who sign up to the Forum will be the first to receive:


• Visibility into the thinking, planning and success of other companies in the food and drink industry. Shared best practice and ideation

• Regular HFSS thought leadership and monthly newsletter

• Members sessions: in-person event and webinars


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