Brand Footprint 2022 reports:
Britain, Scotland & Ireland 

There is much to celebrate in this tenth Brand Footprint report regarding the enduring power of brands. In terms of category growth, there has been a lot of course correction as shoppers adjust back to their routines following the lockdowns of 2020, but not everything is back to how it once was. Read the reports below to uncover each country's most chosen brands in the FMCG category as well as food, beverages, dairy (and alternatives), homecare and health and beauty. These are packed with great brand examples and expert viewpoints.

UK Brand Footprint

British Brand Footprint Report 2022 

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Ireland Brand Footprint

Irish Brand Footprint Report 2022

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Scotland Brand Footprint

Scottish Brand Footprint Report 2022

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Levers for growth

At Kantar we know that brands grow by attracting more shoppers. This happens by using one, or more of the levers for growth. In this year’s ranking we see plenty of examples of how brands have used these and are delighted to share with you just a few of our favourites.


Scotland Brand Footprint 2022: 18 May
Ireland Brand Footprint 2022: 18 May
Global Brand Footprint 2022: 26 May

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