The world’s most creative and effective ads 

Great advertising needs to drive short term sales and build your brand in the long term. We analysed over 10,000 ads we tested in 2020 to identify the best ads. Watch this short video to see the winners.

Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards are the only advertising awards judged by consumers. They celebrate winning ads that are both creative and effective: advertising that is distinctive and helps drive sales in the short term and creates meaningful impressions to build brands in the long term.

We had an impressive shortlist for this year’s awards – and the winners span 9 categories and 11 countries. Download our complimentary booklet ‘The 5 habits of highly effective advertisers’ to find out more about the top 20 TV and digital ads from around the world, and what makes them great.

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Discover the 5 habits of highly effective advertisers and learn more about the best ads of 2020.
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About the awards

All ads were tested with Kantar’s Link pre-testing solution which is independently validated to predict how an ad will deliver ROI for brands in the short term and the long term. It’s the world’s most trusted ad testing solution, having been used over 215,000 times. It offers predictive and diagnostic measures to guide ad optimisation to maximise ROI. Available on Kantar Marketplace, you can test ads with confidence in as few as six hours.