There are 7 key differences that distinguish Kantar from other providers. They’re why the world’s top brands rely on us to provide not just brand tracking, but brand guidance.

1. Custom Insights

You are unique in your market, with unique questions that can’t be answered with a standard offer. However, not every provider that claims to do custom work has the experience or know-how necessary to deliver reliable answers tailored to your specific needs.

Kantar has specialized in custom, client-centric insights for more than 50 years. Our best-in-class methodologies are calibrated to the specific requirements of each client within their market, making every study one of a kind and providing insights that the world’s top brands trust to make critical marketing decisions.  

2. External Validation

You make critical strategic decisions based on your brand equity research, so you need to know that the underlying methodologies are validated for success. While some providers try to boost your confidence by telling you they do internal validation of their brand equity solutions, at Kantar we believe internal validation is simply not reliable. 

That’s why we made the extraordinary commitment to externally validate our brand equity framework with the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) in a rigorous, methodological process that links survey-based metrics to real-world consumer behaviors, including purchases. For our clients, that means you’ll benefit from a simple, transparent solution providing relevant insights that address specific actions to take, the ability to accurately predict the outcome of those actions and the sensitivity to identify meaningful differences in outcomes.

3. Fully Integrated

You want to provide a coherent brand experience across all of your organization’s marketing activities. While certain providers say they can help with their “full service” approach, in reality their solutions are not fully integrated but scattered across siloed services that can’t deliver the level of unity and consistency you need.

At Kantar our research methodologies are fully integrated throughout our solutions and organization. Using the same language of success and validated outcomes, we provide you with a consistent framework for understanding your brand effectiveness and deriving meaningful insights across all touchpoints in the consumer journey, including creative, media channel and product experience. 

4. True Innovations

You are looking to partner with a research provider with state-of-the art solutions that can answer all of your questions. While some providers talk a big game about their “innovations,” Kantar puts our truly innovative, industry-leading solutions to work every day, helping our clients solve their problems and delivering real value.

That’s why Kantar is #1 in the GRIT 2021 Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers, a ranking by actual buyers of the research and insights companies they view as the most innovative in the industry.

5. Global Knowledge with Local Insight

You want to work with a world-class organization with both expertise and experience in your industry and local markets. But even if certain providers claim that they have acquired the best talents, world-class teams aren’t built overnight.

At Kantar our powerful, battle-tested teams comprise an extensive global knowledge network with local expertise in how consumers think, feel and act in more than 75 markets around the world. In addition, we empower our teams by connecting them with the largest brand-building platform in the world, representing 4 million consumers across 18,000 brands and more than 12 years of continuous data. Together, our combination of expertise, experience and technology help our clients understand their consumers, overcome their unique problems and find winning strategies.

6. Analytical Expertise

As a seasoned professional you know that in today’s marketplace it’s not just about how much data a provider offers or how quickly they can get it to you. Rather, the real value is in the analytics.

At Kantar we use innovative, AI-powered analytical apps to integrate multiple data sources (including survey, sales, media, survey, social, search and behavioral data) into a clear story. What’s more, unlike other companies, our team members aren’t just fluent in analytics; we’re true experts. We help you make sense of your data and gain superior, actionable insights. That means going beyond a simple observation of what’s changed to determine why and what to do about it, giving you the ability to understand how a decision today will affect outcomes in the future. 

7. Data You Can Trust

You need to have confidence that the data you are using to make vital marketing decisions is accurate, thorough and reliable. At a fundamental level, it doesn’t matter how many ‘bells and whistles’ a provider offers if they don’t have high-quality data. Simply put, you can’t analyze your way out of a poor data set. 

Kantar’s rigorous data practices are ARF-awarded and ISO-certified. We employ the industry’s largest, API-driven network of trusted, compliant supply, including our own proprietary, double opt-in panel exclusively available through our Profiles division. What’s more, we ensure accuracy in your surveys using a combination of human- and technology-based assessments that block all forms of response bias before respondents complete a survey.

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