In the timeless battle for market share, brands are not only fighting to grow, but to survive. In the last 15 years, 52% of Fortune 500 companies no longer have their doors open, begging the question: how do companies prepare themselves for today’s ever-changing environment? 

In this report, learn how to kick start your brand's journey to securing consumer loyalty and unlocking innovation inspiration through Tension Hunting, a method to disrupt the status quo via a new lens on the drivers of brand value. Learn from Kantar's VP of Brand Strategy in North America, Chris McCarthy, on how to utilize Tension Hunting to direct your brand’s investment to where value can most effectively be generated.  

Also find:

  • The four ‘innovation domains’ in which all brands compete: Sameness, Sameness with Difference, Difference, and New
  • Real world examples that no industry is ‘undisruptable’
  • How to understand consumer inertia: both Transactional and Relational
  • How brand managers should change their innovation strategies 

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