Environmental and social issues have been on business leaders’ and marketers’ minds for many years now, but in 2023, brand purpose and corporate ESG efforts reached a boiling point.

Consumer endorsements of sustainability-related brand perceptions have risen by 84% across categories since 2014, and according to our Kantar BrandZ’s top 100 most valuable brands 2023 study, total sustainability contribution to brand value stands at $193 billion. 

But between the backlash to Pride, greater financial pressures on consumers, and environmental concerns, brands and marketers are struggling to nail their sustainable transformations and advertising executions. That’s why Kantar has created world-class, action-oriented thought leadership breaking down what consumers are thinking and wanting and what it takes to create sustainable success.

We are excited to share our sustainable insights help ignite your 2024 plans.

Download the report today to be prepared for sustainable transformation in 2024: