Empowering Creativity: Research that elevates the development of more effective creative content

The pace at which effective creative content gets developed has significantly increased. As a result, teams sometimes jump to executions, often shortcutting the process of ensuring the underlying creative strategy is sound.

Enter Kantar's PowerGroup solution, combining quantitative direction (using the industry-standard LINK database) with powerful qualitative context to explore the impact of an underlying creative strategy.

Join us on January 24 for a live PowerGroup research experience. In one action-packed and interactive hour, we will explore and understand the power of underlying creative strategies for successful campaigns.

Key discussion areas:

  • How Kantar clients embrace PowerGroups to accelerate the development of effective creative content
  • How comparing survey results acquired in a PowerGroup to Kantar’s LINK database can deliver actionable next steps for your campaign
  • An understanding of the effectiveness of the underlying creative strategy, and how executional details either contribute to or detract from that strategy

What: A one-hour, online, moderated, live PowerGroup with Q&A

When: Wednesday, January 24 at 12:00PM EST

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