What gives brands The Innovator's Advantage?

What makes an innovation meaningfully different? What are the barriers to growth through innovation? Why did innovations such Google Glass fail while AHA Sparkling Water garnered an 8.3 percent share of the unsweetened, flavored sparkling water market in North America during its first year?

This guide demystifies innovation to equip you with everything you need to innovate in a meaningfully different way to drive brand growth.

We’ve combined our innovation experts' latest thinking with case studies from our clients such as Molson Coors, Heineken, Haleon and new brand insights from Kantar BrandZ including Coca-Cola and Kinder.

Download our comprehensive guide to discover:

  • Why innovation is so important for brand growth
  • How behavioral science drives successful innovation
  • How to find the best opportunities for innovation
  • Five ways to optimize innovation development
  • Ways to ensure your innovation doesn’t fail after launch
  • How to futureproof your innovation strategy

Download the guide here