Brand purpose, the positive impact a company makes on society beyond making money, has taken on renewed interest and importance in recent years, especially with changing consumer attitudes toward the role of business in society. In fact, Kantar has repeatedly found that companies that consumers perceive as having a strong purpose experience significantly higher brand growth than those that are seen as less purposeful. 

To help you gauge whether your company’s brand purpose efforts are on the right track, Kantar has assembled the following checklist of key questions. Brand managers who can thoroughly and definitively answer all of the following questions will be on a surer path to long-term success than those who cannot.

Strategic Considerations

  • Does your purpose address a societal issue beyond the functional and emotional benefits of your brand?
  • Is your purpose true to your brand character? Does your brand have credibility to take a stand in this area?
  • Is your purpose unique in the way it is experienced in your category?
  • Does your purpose have the potential to be put into action? Can it be integrated with your business goals?
  • Is your purpose statement built for the long term, i.e., formulated in a way that will be valid for 100 years?
  • Is your company using its purpose to define corporate values and principles to achieve their vision?
  • Do all products and services align with the company’s purpose?
  • How much potential does your purpose statement have to be applied beyond the existing business, into areas the company will grow?
  • Does your purpose incorporate aspects of corporate social responsibility?

External Considerations

  • Is your brand purpose meaningful for the consumer?
  • Is the way your brand positions its purpose externally differentiating from your competitors?
  • Can your brand purpose be experienced at critical touchpoints along the consumer journey?
  • Have you identified key third parties who are in a position to help bring your Purpose to the world and create real impact?  

Internal Considerations

  • Do all employees have a clear understanding of the company’s purpose?
  • Does your purpose involve all functions within your organization? Is it relevant and meaningful for everybody?
  • Is your purpose driven by company leadership rather than a specific department?
  • Do you have a system in place to track and measure purpose over time to optimize your efforts?
  • Is purpose in your company used to strengthen camaraderie between workers?
  • Do employees understand how their personal purpose in the company contributes to the overall brand purpose?
  • Do employees understand how to translate purpose to external facing touchpoints e.g., experience, product, communication?

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