Balanced Attribution allows marketers and media buyers to go from big picture marketing plans to optimizing micro actions that deliver effectiveness along the entire marketing funnel.

Providing a granular, closed-loop optimization solution that prescribes actions for both brand and sales goals simultaneously by connecting brand/sales/media at person or household level.

For CPG/QSR clients we are the only option to get to person level input to gain a more detailed understanding of media performance using our consumer consented panels & Numerator dataset.

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Why choose Kantar?

  • It is important to differentiate from simple Sales Lift with the brand impact of marketing from BA (CPGs should care about both brands and sales).
  • Sales Lift is done to campaign by campaign and so only “major” and “performance-oriented” campaigns are attached with Sales Lift studies.
  • Sales Lift studies lack the granularity to be actionable and tend to be more check the box validation.

Numerator data fueling Balanced Attribution brings all the above to the market!

Capturing all campaigns into one measurement and optimization framework:

Kantar and Numerator