Vinted sets itself up for success with a well-differentiated offer and strategic communications investment

01 februari 2024
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Established in 2008, Vinted has seen remarkable growth in users and revenue in recent years, becoming Lithuania’s first unicorn brand and now present in 23 markets.

Fashion resellers in the UK stepped up their ad spend in 2023, with Vinted, Depop and eBay investing a combined £97M on advertising. A new partnership between eBay and popular ITV show Love Island has helped to reposition the ‘pre-loved’ market and a number of brands, including ASOS and PrettyLittleThing, have launched their own marketplace offerings.

Compared to other UK fashion resellers, Vinted is perceived to be highly Different and has strong future growth potential. Transactions for sellers and buyers alike are very easy. Unlike other platforms, there are no seller fees. Customers can buy bundles, request swaps and choose their delivery service, with all issues chased up by Vinted.

Vinted MDS
Source: BrandZ data- UK Fashion Resellers 2023

A reported £37M in ad spend and a long-term partnership with Hollyoaks is helping Vinted to build its profile. This campaign includes behind-the-scenes digital content and product placement to engage the brand’s young target audience.

Despite a clear sustainability benefit, this is not central to the brand’s messaging. Instead, Vinted chooses to focus on how easy it is for customers to make money from their unwanted clothes.

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