Dutch beauty brand Rituals’ success stems from consistent execution of its differentiating platform ‘turning everyday routines into meaningful moments’

11 januari 2024
Woman bath self care

Dutch beauty brand Rituals was founded in 2000 by ex-Unilever employee, Raymond Cloosterman, who ‘Got an idea to start my own lifestyle brand with a completely new perspective on beauty”.

Based on a consumer insight that we are living on autopilot; the Rituals philosophy borrows from Eastern culture and is focused on relaxation and taking a step back to enjoy the little things in life. To change every-day routines into more meaningful moments.

This unique philosophy together with a distinctive look & feel has given the brand a strong sense of difference that is consistent across markets & categories.

This sense of difference has enabled Rituals to command a premium price point and at the same time grow market share through increased salience as shown below for Germany.

Demand power Rituals
Source: Kantar BrandZ, Health & Beauty Retailers, NL (2022), UK, (2023) Norway (2023), Germany (2017, 2023); Female Beauty NL 2023, Germany (2017, 2023); Male Grooming – Germany (2023)

The brand’s excess difference in its established markets results in high Future Power showing that Rituals is primed for growth in new spaces. The brand now operates more than 1000 stores, 3000 shop-in-shops across 36 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, as well as North and South America.

Through its differentiating philosophy, Rituals effectively caters to the customer experience. Do you also want to amplify your CX strategy? Kantar described four mighty steps to build your brand through the experiences you deliver every day in an article about customer experience. Read the article here to get the CX factor now! 


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