How Red Bull embodies its bold promise across its communications

29 maart 2024
Red Bull Header

A global brand with a clear sense of Difference

Red Bull is an energy drink launched by Dietrich Mateschitz in Austria in 1987, having been inspired by a functional drink in Thailand called Krating Daeng which he claims cured his jet lag.

Over the years Red Bull’s marketing has embodied its slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’, reinforcing the idea that the drink can fuel consumers to new heights by pushing boundaries in its extreme sports sponsorships, all whilst consistently deploying its distinctive brand assets and daring personality. 

This strategy has allowed Red Bull to build a strong sense of difference globally, helping it to become the 4th most valuable food and beverage brand in the world in 2023. 

 Red Bull MDS

BrandZ data: Soft Drinks, Global, 2023
Key market data taken from Belgium, France, Germany, USA, Australia, UK, Soft Drinks, 2023 data and Netherlands, Soft Drinks, 2022

A distinguished brand across markets

Red Bull is a distinguished brand across its key markets. A high Difference Index may just be a function of overall brand size and use of the brand, whereas a strong Difference Profile score indicates that Red Bull is truly distinguished by its ability to build a sense of difference amongst consumers.  

Established through pushing boundaries, distinctive assets and a bold personality

BrandZ research shows that Difference can be built in various ways, however Red Bull has displayed several of the key characteristics often found in well-differentiated brands.

Leading: Red Bull has pushed boundaries through associating itself with adrenaline fuelled activities like skydiving, snowboarding, and Formula 1 Racing rather than focusing solely on marketing its product’s features. 

Distinctiveness: Having consistently deployed its famousslogan, logo and core red, yellow and blue colours across its communications, Red Bull is considered a Distinct brand across key markets.

Emotive Clarity: Its ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ slogan and consistent presence at adrenaline fuelled events has earned the brand a strong personality archetype of Rebel and Hero across its key markets. 


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