Oatly disrupts the dairy sector with unique positioning supported by clear and consistently provocative messaging

08 maart 2024
Oatly Header

Oatly was founded in 1994 by Swedish brothers who were interested in finding an alternative to cow's milk for the lactose intolerant. Going public in 2021 and pursuing an ambitious expansion, much of Oatly's success is thanks to CEO Toni Petersson who crafted the brand's distinctive identity.

Likely to create value in future with a clear sense of Difference

Oatly has a highly differentiated position in the market which supports strong Future Power.

Oatly MSD 1

This is not just thanks to its alternative dairy proposition but also its recognizable pack design, provocative advertising and its messaging around being better for people and planet.

Opportunity to better justify its price point

Oatly advertising is highly distinctive and communicates its positioning around health and sustainability with humor. In 2021, the brand spent over $5M on a Super Bowl ad which encouraged a mixed response from viewers- but certainly got people talking about the brand. 

While in Sweden Oatly justifies its premium price point, it is considered to be a high priced brand in the UK. Oatly will need to find opportunities to become more Meaningful to better support its higher margins.

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