Predict the impact of your creation in 15 minutes with our fully automated LINK AI solutions.

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Predict the success of your TV ad, social ad, or online video in 15 minutes through one of our LINK AI solutions. Our Creative AI suite consists of two solutions: LINK AI for TV and Digital AI.

All these solutions use a combination of consumer insights from LINK studies and machine learning to predict how a consumer sample would evaluate the advertisements.

An ideal way to:

  • Quickly and at a low cost test different versions of your own ad
  • Test creations from your competitors
  • Measure ‘cultural transport’: how does your ad perform in a different market (LINK AI is market-specific)
  • Conduct meta-analyses on large volumes of ads: what are the drivers of success or watch-outs within the category?

Our solutions


  • Test different versions of your ad and only air the one with the most potential
  • Analyze ads from your competitors
  • Batch test large volumes for learnings regarding the development of ads
  • Predict how ads will perform in a different market

Optionally add the Analyzer module to obtain scores on more metrics and learn per second at which points your ad performs well or poorly.

Digital AI (for online video/social ads)

  • Identify which ads have the most impact on sales and brand growth
  • Compare different versions of your digital video creation
  • Make the right decisions about which countries your ads delivers impact in
  • Analyze ads from your competitors
  • Gain insights into the expected average skip time, after how many seconds you lose the viewer and interaction, and how likely it is that the viewer will respond to the content by liking, sharing or clicking on it.
  • Measure which social media channel best suits your ad