Using Artificial intelligence for tactical activation during Christmas

We helped a UK high street retailer to connect with their customers’ real purchase desires during the festive season.


The client found themselves annually losing share of the UK Christmas gifting market, year on year. A possible cause was a lack of connection with their customers’ real desires. They needed to know:

  • What were people after as the perfect gift?
  • What categories people buy at Christmas?
  • What consumers expect from a gift?
  • Who was looking for those gifts?
  • What social trends drive gift search?


We used the wealth of unique data provided through search and social conversations to help put the client ahead of the curve in understanding what people are looking for in the Christmas season. This allowed them to take advantage of their unique position to deliver to a diverse audience their own perfect Christmas Gift.

Search, social and segmentation analysis was fused to fuel informed activation strategies.


The client gained a deeper understanding of:

  • Customer purpose
  • Motivations
  • Formats
  • Products
  • Searches
  • Emotions
  • Conversations

We managed to discover new formats and value propositions that addressed consumers’ expectations and needs. Convenience, experiences as a gift, sustainable products (no- plastic) are a few topics we analysed for our client.


The client became front and centre of the Christmas conversation. They developed opportunities to engage partnerships and brand relationships, and be at the top of peoples’ gift lists. They offered people the chance to alleviate the stress of gift shopping, through point of sales experiences that celebrated peoples’ unique needs, in order to build sales.

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