Showing Illuma how its newest technology affected brand uplift

illuma moment tracking technology
British technology company Illuma commissioned Kantar to explore the brand uplift effects of its Moment Targeting technology in the UK.
Peter Mason, Co-founder, Illuma Technology “Working with Kantar has provided powerful third-party verification that Illuma’s Moment Targeting technology is outperforming traditional brand uplift benchmarks. This offline panel-based evidence complements the success we already see in campaigns using trackable KPIs, pointing to a bright future for advertising in the cookieless, privacy-first world.”


Illuma wanted to prove the effectiveness of their new technology against key metrics i.e. Awareness, Consideration, Associations. They created a software that has pioneered Moment Targeting whilst they employ adaptive contextual technology with AI algorithms to find new audiences online without using personal data or cookies. This allows advertisers and agencies to identify patterns in live content consumption and find pages that are driving high-quality engagements. For this campaign they were contacted by Shelter, a homelessness charity, to run their Christmas campaign. Illuma contacted Kantar and was interested in conducting a study that would demonstrate to Shelter, and other potential clients, the effectiveness of their targeting approach at driving awareness and delivering other brand uplift effects.


Our Brand Lift Insights solution was deployed to evaluate the campaign. Brand Lift Insights uses a survey-based approach and a control/exposed research design to measure the difference in attitudes between the two groups. We also used creative diagnostics to assess their creatives.


Despite the campaign running during a very busy time, oversaturated with advertisements (Christmas), the campaign delivered high levels of Ad Awareness. The audience engaged with the campaign and there was a high take-out of key perceptions of Shelter, with the campaign able to yield an extremely high shift in Affinity of +14.6 pp for the charity. Both Shelter and Illuma were extremely pleased with the results.


On the back of this research, Illuma has worked with us to release a branded white paper, a press release and video with the Shelter on their website. Since Illuma is a relatively new player in the industry, they are actively looking to attract new customers and there are currently ongoing conversations to run more studies to further promote their platform. Additionally, they are considering setting up their own norms with us once more studies are commissioned, as their platform is extremely effective at targeting the right viewers. This proves an excellent opportunity for Kantar to work together with innovative firms and expand our range of studies.

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