Optimising media budget ROI for a consumer goods manufacturer

By showing them insights around long-term returns on marketing investment, our client was able to spot opportunities for up to 20% increase in ROI.


Our client required a predictive framework to estimate the ROI of their planned media budget, and a toolkit to optimise its allocation. We built a Global Media Allocation platform, using a pre-existing framework, to bring together retail sales, financial data, media spends, brand health metrics etc., and automate and integrate robust models on the fly, considering multiple factors across markets and categories.


We built a semi-automated end-to-end data management processes with harmonisation rules. We also used equation parameters to run optimisation models in a web dashboard. Reporting, Simulation and Optimisation functionalities across 170+ markets were built on a single platform.


Senior decision makers got insights on long-term returns on marketing investment, the importance of driving demand through brand equity, and the importance of good ad copy to create a high level of cut through.

Clients understood the risk of looking just at short-term Mixed Media Modelling for budget planning, with an activations bias and not enough focus on creating long-term demand.


Opportunities were identified to improve long-term ROI from media by between 5% and 20%. While the gains varied by market, the absolute financial uplift is significant. We provided the ability to optimise budgets against both growth potential and size. Our approach allowed for quick scaling to multiple categories and countries.

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