Understanding BBC audiences to amplify impact across platforms

The BBC needed data and insights around viewing behaviours, to maximise the reach of specific programmes on both live and on-demand channels.


Drama is as crucial for SVOD platforms as it is for live TV. The BBC wants to amplify the impact of its dramas, such as through different forms of scheduling.

The BBC wanted to define a scheduling strategy of its program to improve the viewer journey and create greater value. They needed data and insights to understand viewing behaviours to maximise scale and reach, and optimise live and on-demand viewing.


Kantar, as commissioned by BARB, provides data on people’s viewing habits and consumption behaviours, across all platforms and devices: whether that is live, via catch-up services or on demand.

Cross Media Audience Measurement delivers intelligent visibility across the entire consumer viewing journey, to enable media owners optimise the performance of their programmes.


The viewing profile for the BBC’s drama is measured with granularity across time, platforms and devices.

The insights are key drivers in determining the best scheduling/split across platforms to reach consumers more effectively.

By opening up availability through a combination of live, catch-up and on-demand opportunities, the BBC optimised audiences across platforms and gained better audience viewing figures, attracting new viewers.


For Killing Eve, the BBC combined live and on-demand to drive viewing. Making the full series available on the first day of the broadcast contributed to the success of the series.

  • Ahead of episode eight airing on BBC1, roughly 50% of viewing had already taken place.
  • Before transmission, an audience of four million viewers had been reached.
  • By episode eight, over 80% of the younger audience’s viewing had already taken place.
  • After 6 months/one year, viewing continues to provide value.

The BBC presented insights from this case study, showing the importance of solid audience data, at a BARB event in 2020.

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