Kantar X TMIC Solution Suite

Digitalization of Insight : powered by data & platform from Alibaba Tmall

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Kantar X TMIC (Tmall Innovation Center) collaborates to provide the next generation of market research through leveraging Kantar’s market validated IPs and real market data & platform provided by Alibaba Tmall. Assess, understand, and engage with vast number of real consumers to build your market & brand strategies and activate it to increase the value of the insight. 

Key features

Access to 800M+ Consumer Behavior & Perceptual Data 

Kantar X TMIC provides both behavior & perceptual data of 800M+ real consumers in the market and enable direct engagement with each consumer. Now, identify and tap into any target consumers in the market for your business.   

Curated & Structured Insight throughout the Entire Marketing Cycle 

Navigating into vast amount of data often pose as a challenge. To ensure optimal insight & strategy can be derived from vast amount of data, Kantar went back to drawing board and redesigned data curation & insight model to ensure right data are used for right business question. With that, now for any business questions from market/brand assessment to campaign & product innovation, Kantar X TMIC provides more advanced & holistic solutions.

Agile Insight to Activation Delivery

Kantar X TMIC agile & highly visual delivery platform breaks the silo of traditional insight delivery and increase value of the insight through building a direct connection with activation. Expand the horizon & go beyond the traditional insight with Kantar X TMIC.  

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