Growth Drivers

Grow your brand by knowing the optimal marketing mix strategy.

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Evaluate the current marketing effectiveness of a brand for both ATL & BTL activities, and identify the optimal marketing mix strategy. Deep dive elements such as media, promotion and pricing to understand which specific activities drive the most incremental sales.

Key features

Integrated Data 

We can integrate data from different sources, such as distribution data, brand equity data and media exposure data, to have a full 360 view of effectiveness of different components of the marketing mix.

Advanced Modelling Techniques  

We use the latest modelling techniques to model ensure that the outputs are accurately measure the impact of different marketing activities on the real purchase. 

Quantified Recommendations & Simulation   

By measuring the impact on incremental sales, we can provided insights on which marketing activities will have the most significant impact on brand growth. We can then simulate how brand growth will be impacted by altering investment levels across different marketing levers.   

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