The power of analytics

Use cutting-edge analytics to bring data sources together, identify new trends and measure indicators to make confident business decisions. Whatever your question, we believe analytics can provide the answer.

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Get ahead of the competition with segmentation

Advanced analytics and segmentation identify emerging trends of US consumers during COVID-19 recovery giving businesses a competitive edge.
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How do I forecast demand in the current environment?

Businesses must re-forecast to plan for a new future. Kantar adopts a scenario-based approach using a variety of data sources.
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What are the messages my brand should be focusing on?

Consumer expectations of brands are changing. With analytics, you can identify the right brand messages to plan for growth. 
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How do I make agile marketing investment decisions?
CMOs are making budget savings. Our Agile Budget Allocation Framework guides on the options with least business impact.
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How do I optimise my marketing spend?
Marketers must re-optimise their allocation of marketing spend to maximise sales and brand growth into recovery, using analytics.
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How do I make better, faster decisions?
Kantar can support businesses to bring together the right signals and metrics to support fast decision-making at this time.

How do I get my creative right, right now?

Kantar’s creative effectiveness prediction report helps guide advertising campaigns through the pandemic with accuracy and speed, at an affordable price.

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