Consumers want to lead more sustainable lives and they need marketing’s help to make that happen. Fortunately, the marketing fraternity recognizes that challenge.

More than 90% of marketers believe that we need to be more ambitious and take more radical action if marketing is to realise its role and responsibility in the transformation journey.

Making Sustainability Real, Kantar’s 2024 conference on sustainability, provide you with the information and strategic approach you need to future-proof your brands at a time of disruptive change.

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The Big Debate: Does sustainability pay off for brands?

According to the Kantar & World Federation of Advertisers Sustainable Marketing 2030 study, the internal mindset that sustainability is costly is seen as one of the top 4 barriers to driving transformation. In this session our guest brand leaders and industry experts will debate the motion: “Brands should not prioritise sustainability because driving consumer behaviour change is costly and does not drive sales.” Join us as two teams debate the motion, put your perspectives down, and vote for the winning side.

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The sustainability value case for brands

Sustainability already contributes $193 billion to the value of the Global BrandZ Top 100 brands. Discover how you can leverage BrandZ to demonstrate that changing sustainability perceptions for your brand can boost value. Listen to the discussion where our industry experts will provide enriched perspectives and examples.

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Is sustainability a hygiene factor or a game-changer?

Marketers must focus on incremental as well as radical innovation to take full advantage of the sustainable transformation opportunity. This session will provide you with a framework for step-changing innovation, with examples and tips from brand leaders.

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Building sustainable brands in culture

Consumer behaviour change is a big commercial opportunity for brands and the brands of the future will play a major role in normalising sustainable lifestyles. This session will investigate how to unlock cultural codes to maximise engagement and saliency and align with what’s credible for your brand.

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How greenwashing hinders change, and what you can do about it

Eroding trust. Value misalignment. Lack of inclusion. Perceptions of greenwashing are driven by a collection of issues, not just the occasional vague miscommunication. Join this session to view how greenwashing affects brands and our ability to drive change. Take away a checklist of how to avoid perceived greenwashing and drive trust. And hear the perspectives of Natura&Co, Clean Creatives and Purpose Disruptors on how to avoid pitfalls and keep your green marketing exciting, fulfilling and purposeful.

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Brand Inclusion in the age of polarization

Globally, 70% of people agree that businesses and brands have a responsibility to make society fair for everyone but it’s never going to be easy in an age of culture wars. Discover how the world’s most inclusive brands navigate cultural issues and get the latest data from our recent Brand Inclusion Index study.

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