Kantar’s range of syndicated research offers you deep understanding of the Indian consumer, mapping their category buying behaviour, brand choices, digital behaviour and media choices. Our reports are definitive industry standards for quality and depth of insights on category dynamics and consumer buying behaviour.

Understand the who, what, where, when and how with respect to your target consumer, to uncover meaningful insights and emerging consumer trends in your category, for scoping of the market opportunity and a suitable go-to-market plan.



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The Innovator’s Dilemma

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OTT India
OTT Audience Measurement 
The OTT Audience Measurement offering brings together Kantar’s expertise in media measurement and consumer insights with VTION™’s proprietary audience measurement technology and data management framework. This provides a unique, comprehensive understanding of audience behaviour, insights for communication planning, as well an assessment of ROI for media investments across OTT Video platforms, OTT Audio Streaming & Podcasting and Broadcast Radio FM Platforms.

Target Group Index (TGI)

Target Group Index (TGI) is a single source of consumer intelligence study, which reveals who we are, how we behave and the drivers behind the decisions that we make. It helps brands build a complete understanding of their customers and target them effectively. 

TGI 2023 is a global consumer survey which gives a complete understanding of your consumers in terms of their media habits, category and brand consumption, lifestyle, mindset, and attitudes. It offers robust insights about the changes in the Indian consumer’s behaviour over the years and helps in marketing activities - across insights, planning and strategy. It’s a quarterly survey conducted amongst 60,000 individuals across NCCS ABCDE, 15-55 years and all town/village classes in Urban and Rural India. 
Wallet Monitor India

Wallet Monitor

Wallet Monitor tracks the wallet of the Indian household in terms of their income vs. expenditure. It captures their spending across 125 categories, including spending on rent, travel, education, groceries, and personal care. Based on a sample of over 30,000 homes in urban India, it also maps share of wallet for different categories.


ITOPS™ is an annual syndicated offer from Kantar launched in 1996 that provides an understanding of the demand-side adoption of Technology and Digital solutions amongst Micro, Small & Medium Businesses of India. The findings of the study help organisations shape their product offers, marketing rollouts, strategic and tactical marketing plans, experiences and campaigns that can connect with their customers. The data is collected after the ‘Last Mile’, thereby capturing both the market as well as customer sentiments. ITOPS estimates the size of the IT hardware,  and software markets, and digital adoption, in India. 7,000+ businesses are covered annually.
E-market pulse India


This online shopper panel tracks ecommerce-related shopping behaviour by passively harvesting the invoices of respondents every time they make a purchase online. It is India’s most comprehensive online shopper panel, with 50,000 panellists.
ICUBE india


ICUBE™ is one of the longest-running syndicated offerings for the internet category, having been established in 1998. It covers details on market size, penetration, usage and behaviour for the internet consumers among urban and rural India. ICUBE covers a sample of 75,000 across 400 cities and 1000+ villages.
MAM India

Mobile Audience Measurement

Our reliance on digital channels is greater than ever before. Kantar’s 8500-strong Mobile Audience Measurement panel (MAM) leverages our proprietary passive measurement technologies to track engagement and usage of mobile apps and services. Media agencies, brands and publishers rely on MAM to provide an accurate picture of consumers’ digital preferences across a range of categories.
PlanetY India


#PlanetY uncovers rich information across all aspects of consumer lives and personality. It aims at understanding how they live and behave, their digital world and more importantly how they decide and make purchases. It touches upon their digital aptitude, shopping habits, leisure and lifestyle, entertainment options, financial literacy, food habits and media consumption patterns. An encyclopedia on the youth of India, it comprises an 8500-strong online sample of 15-29-year-olds.
Kidscan India


Get a 360-degree understanding of the behaviour, psyche, and brand interaction of the new generation kids. With a sample of 10,000, this study focuses on kids as consumers.
STAR India


STAR is an encyclopaedia of the rural consumer. It covers information about what drives them, their decision-making process, economic outlook, categories and brands purchased along with village level information. Get a 360-degree understanding of emerging consumers, including their consumption habits, mind sets and media touchpoints.

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