HFSS Focus webinar

01 August 2022

Healthy Futures Forum – HFSS Focus webinar 


We are committed to partnering with the industry to do all we can to help educate stakeholders and provide data-led beacons to navigate the upcoming changes to high in fat, sugar, and salt (HFSS) legislation. One way we are doing that is the establishment of our Healthy Futures Forum for industry leaders, such as yourself. 

Join us on Thursday, August 18, at 11 am for our first webinar. During the session, our experts will provide details on what to expect as a member of the forum and outline a new framework to guide HFSS conversations across the industry. The framework consists of three pillars: Mindset, Marketing, and Mission. 


  • Mindset - Mindsets must change; our industry plays an integral part in the population's long-term health, and the opportunity to reimagine strategies is there for the taking. 

  • Marketing – The dynamics of trade promotion and advertising have long been fraught with the ebb and flow of high spending for diminishing returns. The HFSS changes will be an important forcing mechanism for change. 

  • Mission - Uncomfortable conversations may need to happen in boardrooms as product portfolios rebalance against profitability expectations. There will inevitably be trade-offs, but the investor community and consumers will watch closely. 

Sally Ball, our Head of Nutrition and Fraser McKevitt, Head of Retail Consumer Insight, will participate in a discussion to address these elements. They’ll also provide a view into the questions they’re hearing from stakeholders close to the HFSS changes and give you the chance to ask questions important to you.  


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