Understanding and improving travel experiences in Amsterdam

Kantar Public developed a handy app to help The Municipality of Amsterdam understand people's travel experiences in busy areas, to improve mobility and transport.


Kantar Public offers innovative digital solutions to capture citizen experience in real time and to report back to clients, allowing them to gain rapid and concrete insight to inform dynamic service improvement in smart cities. The Municipality of Amsterdam in the Netherlands wanted to gain a better understanding of people's travel experiences in busy areas of the city to improve mobility and transport.


Capturing how people experience travel at specific times and places was challenging and required an innovative approach. Kantar Public devised an app, collecting both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ data and using GPS to pinpoint respondents’ location to exact spots in the city’s busiest areas.


The team’s approach enabled the Municipality to connect residents’ feelings and experiences to data about service performance and the city’s transport KPIs.


This real-time insight has been applied directly to inform improvements to Amsterdam’s transportation policy and services.

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