Policy Development & Evaluation

Direction from experts in public policy. We can provide deep expertise and evidence to understand what works and why.
policy development

Gain insight from our proven and extensive toolkit

Use our tools, from randomised controlled trials to visual methods and the application of analytics to unstructured data.

Get global best practice, delivered locally

Speak to our teams on any continent, or at our specialist hubs in Brussels or Washington DC, for multi-country studies.

Work with a range of policy experts

Our expertise covers all issues and the whole policy cycle - from data collection to real-time programme adaptation.

Benefit from powerful partnerships

Get the deepest, broadest expertise, as we often work in consortia with think tanks, academics and startups.
Featured solutions
Research and consultancy to support government clients across all areas of contemporary public policy.
Get the evidence and innovations to enhance the development effectiveness of policies, programmes and interventions.
In-depth evaluation across the service design cycle, with the latest in human-centred design and digital innovation.