Epi Database®
Epi Database is the gold standard of epidemiological data, providing rigorous research and unsurpassed breadth of coverage.

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Epi Database provides data from 2005 to 2050 and is segmented by country, indication, year, gender, race and age. All data are thoroughly researched, utilise scientific literature and public and private data sources, and are fully documented to ensure complete transparency.

In numbers

190 indications
13 countries, including emerging markets
1,000+ sub-indications

Key features

Trusted for major product decisions

Access reliable epidemiology to accelerate drug discovery, licensing decisions, new indication strategies, and more.

Broad disease coverage

Epi Database covers 1000+ indications and sub indications, including many rare diseases.

Saves time and resources associated with custom study

Robust patient estimates are projected forward and readily available through a user friendly, web-based platform.

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